Open Letter to the SSMU Community

Open Letter to the SSMU Community

Dear Student Body,

As the end of the 2021-22 academic year has come to an end, we want to reflect upon the environment fostered within our community at the SSMU.

Student leadership in our community has allowed the student body to achieve significant milestones. While positive achievements have been accomplished by student leaders at the SSMU, it is also important to address some negative instances experienced this past year.

On several occasions this year, our councilors, directors, and executives have been harassed online through social media, campus media, and anonymized blog posts. While holding our student leaders accountable is absolutely necessary, we must also keep in mind that there are structures within the SSMU, McGill University, and the Law which provide detailed guidance on how to address concerns regarding student leadership.

We must remember that student leaders, aside from holding positions at the SSMU, are also students like yourself; These very students may,at times, face mental health struggles, frustrations with their academics, and many other personal problems unrelated to McGill. These students include gender minorities, racialized people, and people of color who face additional barriers in our society.

For the proper functioning of SSMU, all members of governing bodies must be held accountable for their votes and decision-making. However, personal attacks and harassment are in violation of the SSMU’s psychological harassment and equity policy, McGill’s code of conduct, and considered criminal under the Canadian Criminal Code.

SSMU is committed to fostering an environment where constituents can voice their concerns in order to ensure student leaders advocate for them accordingly in a respectful manner.

This year, in particular, was a difficult year for our community and many student leaders have left their positions for mental health purposes. We would like to thank all our councilors, directors, and executives who have continued to advocate for the constituents.

Remember to be kind to each other as we must keep this environment safe for everyone in our community.


The Board of Directors

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