Statement in Support of the AMPL

Statement in Support of the AMPL

The Students Society of McGill University (SSMU) Legislative Council writes this statement to express our support for the Association of McGill Professors in Law (AMPL) in the ongoing collective agreement negotiations with the University. The AMPL has announced an unlimited strike if a collective agreement cannot be reached with the university by April 24th . We regret that the university has failed to meet them in good faith negotiations as is their obligation as an employer under the QC Labour Code (A. 54).

Professors play a central role in shaping the educational experience, and we appreciate the dedication and expertise they bring to our learning journey. We believe our professors when they say that the concerns they raise are integral to the overall well-being of the McGill academic community. We stand in solidarity with the Association in their pursuit of fair treatment and urge the University administration to engage in transparent and respectful negotiations to address their concerns promptly.

While we extend our support to the AMPL, we also acknowledge the potential impact of the strike on our membership. Disruptions to classes, examinations, and other academic activities pose challenges to students. We encourage both the university administration and the AMPL to communicate openly the progress of negotiations and any measures taken to minimize the impact on our education. Local Wellness Advisors (LWAs) can assist students with information on exam deferrals, mental health resources, and exam management advice. You can book an appointment with an LWA at this link .

With this said, the SSMU understands that striking is an essential tool through which labor has established countless protections. We recognize the delicate balance that needs to be struck to ensure the well-being of McGill professors and the continuation of McGillʼs services. We urge all parties involved to engage in constructive dialogue and demonstrate their shared commitment to finding a resolution that serves the interests of both faculty and students. As stakeholders in our education, we believe in a fair and equitable resolution that upholds the values of our university. In conclusion, we, the undersigned SSMU Legislative Council, support AMPL in their collective action. We stand in solidarity with their striking efforts.

The SSMU Legislative Council

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Statement in Support of the AMPL