Capacity Accommodates (Event Types)
  • Small Meeting
  • Small Training/Workshop
  • Small Presentation
Amenities (Included) Dimensions
  • Conference Table
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Smart TV 
  • Built-in connections (HDMI, UXGA, and Audio)

21.5 Length x 13.5 Width x 8 Height.

Area (ft2)= 290.25

About this space

A well-equipped conference room with a large boardroom table, ideal for meetings and conferences. It features built-in A/V capabilities, making it easy to conduct multimedia-enabled presentations in a professional setting. Alert: Please be advised that this room is situated in close proximity to Club/Service Offices. Additionally, the table in this room cannot be moved or relocated due to wiring that runs down the center of the table, connecting to the TV. Moreover, this room overlooks the Ballroom.

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