Charity and Environment Clubs

Charity and Environment Clubs

Charity and Environment Clubs

Help fundraise for an international charity or learn how you can make the McGill campus more sustainable!

Borderless World Volunteers

Borderless World Volunteers is a registered Canadian charity founded in 2003 with the goal of helping undergraduate university students lead development projects across the globe while contributing to the wellness of their own local communities. Borderless World Volunteers was founded to provide a link between university students and local development organizations in developing countries.

Energy Association

We are a group of highly motivated students committed to solving the global energy challenge through education and analysis.

Fit For a Cause

Fit For A Cause (FFAC) is a student-run charity fitness program in which fitness instructors volunteer their services teaching fitness classes whilst collecting donations for charity. In order for participants to take part in the fitness classes, we ask for a minimum donation of $2.00 per class. All proceeds that FFAC raises will be donated to an organization of choice, determined by the end of each semester. This semester we are exploring virtual operations and alternative activities to our traditional physical classes, due to COVID.

Girls For Ghana

Girls For Ghana is an initiative we created with the main goal of fundraising on behalf of the Create Change Foundation. Our mandate is to raise funds in support of women’s education and empowerment in Ghana, which we believe to be increasingly important for endorsing sustainable development. Furthermore, Girls For Ghana would like to promote the importance and value of educating women- we believe that educating a woman is like educating an entire community. This club will serve as a safe space for McGill students of all sexes and genders to learn more about the cause and various opportunities through guest speakers, club meetings and activities as well as social events and game nights 🙂 Instagram: @girlsforghanamcgill

Local Committee for the World University Services of Canada (WUSC) at McGill University

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) is a Canadian non-profit organization that partners with universities across the country in order to achieve its goals of increasing youth education, empowerment, and economic opportunity. The WUSC McGill local committee focuses primarily on the WUSC Student Refugee Program (SRP). Through this program each year students from different refugee situations come to Canada to become residents and to continue their studies. The students of the local committee are in charge of meeting these students at the airport, helping them settle in, and generally ensuring that their first year at McGill, and the years that follow, go as smoothly as possible. Aside from the SRP program, the local committee also hosts talks and bake sales to raise awareness of, and money for, other WUSC programs such as their sustainability initiatives and their efforts to improve women’s access to education.

McGill Students Chapter of Heart 4 Heart

Heart4Heart is a non-profit organization that raises money to fund surgeries for children born with congenital heart disease (CHD) in developing countries. CHD is the leading birth defect worldwide, and children with CHD who cannot afford treatment often face a death sentence. At Heart4Heart, we work on a one-child basis to fund one surgery at a time. We also aim to raise awareness about congenital heart disease and the social disparity in healthcare, hoping to bridge the gap in access to medical treatment.

McGill Students Chapter of the Canadian Red Cross

The McGill Students Chapter of the Canadian Red Cross is an officially-affiliated student chapter of the Canadian Red Cross. The objectives of our club are to hold events to raise awareness of the humanitarian and charitable initiative of the Canadian Red Cross, to raise funds in support of the Canadian Red Cross, and to provide interested students with information about how they can get involved with Canadian Red Cross initiative.

McGill Students Chapter of War Child

Our organization aims to raise awareness and funds for the War Child NGO which provides assistance to children in areas experiencing conflict and the aftermath of conflict.

McGill Students for FIMRC (Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children)

At FIMRC McGill, we work towards helping local people in need as well as fundraising for trips abroad. Throughout the school year, we take part in many different fundraising events. With the money we raise, we fund projects across countries in need. We also help locally, volunteering at homeless shelters every week. Any McGill student is welcome to join on Fridays as we cook, socialize, and spend time with the less fortunate of Montreal. Come join us at FIMRC McGill!

McGill Students for Greenpeace

McGill Students for Greenpeace is the first university-level chapter of Greenpeace International to be established in Canada. We promote environmental awareness and advocacy around campus and the greater Montreal community by working in direct collaboration with Greenpeace Canada. Our campaigns are related to renewable energy, the prevention of deforestation, defending ocean biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, and the protection of the arctic. Don’t miss out on the documentary screenings, seminars, conversations with activists, and public debates!

McGill Students for Make-A-Wish

McGill Students for Make-a-Wish is a chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation located at McGill University. Throughout the year, we organize various events, both social and athletic to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Quebec. Our mission is to adopt one child’s wish every year as well as to raise awareness to the student body about this great cause. Last year we met this goal.

McGill Students for Right to Play

We are the official university representatives of Right To Play at McGill University. The role of the student ambassadors is to raise awareness and to organize fundraising events in support of Right To Play. Specifically, McGill Students for Right To Play works within the student community to fundraise and spread awareness of the foundation. In the Fall of 2006, a few students shared Right To Play’s belief in harnessing the power of sport for development and peace around the world and since becoming established we have developed into a successful and popular club at McGill. We plan athletic as well as social events in order to raise money for the international Right To Play organization and to expose the McGill community to a worthy cause. Not only are we aiming to raise more funds for Right To Play, but we are also striving to create a greater sense of awareness for the organization at McGill and strengthen our network by expanding into the Montreal community.

McGill Students for Think Pink

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women worldwide, with one in eight women expected to be diagnosed with it in their lifetime. We are McGill Students for Think Pink, a student run organization. We are affiliated with The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and we collaborate with Breast Cancer Action Quebec as well as other organizations to provide students at McGill and the wider Montreal community with the opportunity to learn more about preventing the disease and to contribute to research and patient support. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram (@thinkpink.mcgill) find out how you can get involved in our monthly breast cancer awareness events and weekly fundraisers. Please message our page with any questions or concerns and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

McGill Students for UNICEF

Each year, McGill Students for UNICEF chooses a UNICEF emergency fund, and advocates for the cause. We usually have many events for advocacy and we plan on continuing with these events through online platforms (Panel Discussions, Social Media engagement‚ etc.). We believe that while fundraising is important, spreading information and advocation plays an important part in humanitarian efforts and aid. We have four committees that our members can join: events, sponsorship, advocacy and education. Our club is member-run, we encourage our members to share their ideas and help us organize events of all kinds.

McGill Students for Wildlife Conservation

McGill Students for Wildlife Conservation stems around biodiversity, sustainability, and conservation. We have a passion for endangered species and in promoting conservation methods. We work towards preserving the wilderness and focus on the reduction of human impact on the environment.

McGill Students for World Vision

McGill Students for World Vision is a humanitarian charity organisation, founded with the mission to help achieve the goals set by World Vision. We are the McGill chapter under World Vision Canada and are dedicated to working with children, families, and communities worldwide. We set out to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice in these communities, and are determined to improve the lives of all poor children and families regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, and gender. Our key activities include fundraising, advocacy, and education within the McGill community in order to promote awareness on campus and student participation in both international and Canadian World Vision programs.

McGill Students’ Cancer Society (MSCS)

The McGill Students’ Cancer Society (MSCS) is a student-led group dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Canadians affected by cancer. By organizing fundraising campaigns, raising awareness, and of course planning our annual Relay For Life, the MSCS contributes to funding life-saving cancer research and patient support programs provided by the Canadian Cancer Society. A cancer diagnosis can change everything, but then again, so can you.


MealCare is a group of students dedicated to reducing food waste and food insecurity across Canada. In Montreal, the McGill Chapter collects and redistributes surplus edible food to homeless shelters and soup kitchens in our local community. Through our partnerships, we are able to divert food away from the landfill and work towards a more sustainable food system.

Parks Canada Campus Club

Are you yearning explore National Parks inside and out of Montreal? Do you want to learn more about the history of Quebec and Canada? Are you passionate about wildlife conservation? Do you want to meet people who also love the outdoors? McGill Parks Canada Campus Club is a student-lead group that explores the National Parks and National Historic Sites the greater Quebec region has to offer! Our trips, events, and meetings focus on exploring outdoor and public spaces, conservation, and cultural excursions. We typically host weekend camping trips outside of Montreal each semester, as well as shorter day trips and meetings throughout the semester. If you have any questions or want to get involved, email us at We’d love to have you join us!

She’s the First

She’s the First is a non-profit organization that raises money to fund the education of girls in low-income countries. Our McGill chapter contributes to She\’s the First by fundraising for this cause and doing advocacy work to spread awareness about both the importance of girls\’ education, and the current barriers that prevent such equal access to education. We run events to both raise money and awareness about this important issue, and aim to help educate the McGill campus and larger Montreal community on why girls’ education worldwide is so crucial.


SimplyDonate is a nonprofit organization that aims to facilitate the collection of items to be delivered to shelters and people in need. We have collected over 11,000 lbs of clothing since the organizations founding in June 2016!


Synesthesia (formerly known as SynesthASIA) is a fashion for charity club based in Montreal and is inspired by its namesake – the neurological blending of cross-wired senses. In this regard, Synesthesia’s biggest fundraiser of the year, the Charity Fashion Show, stimulates the senses in a blend of charity, fashion, art, and music. Synesthesia sets itself apart from other philanthropic initiatives at McGill with its unique cosmopolitan approach and dedication to excellence in fashion. Montreal’s up-and-coming multicultural creative scene inspires Synesthesia’s artistic vision. We aim to celebrate fashion by admiring the work of dedicated local designers that we feature in our annual Charity Fashion Show. Since its inception, Synesthesia has raised for $50,000 for multiple charities.

The Sustainable Fashion Podcast Club

Through Their Eyes

We strive to care for Orphaned Children through spreading awareness about their struggles and raising funds for their well being at McGill. This year, we hope to facilitate child visitation experiences to extend our impact of ‘Giving’.