Community Outreach and Volunteering Clubs

Community Outreach and Volunteering Clubs

Community Outreach and Volunteering Clubs

Get out of the McGill bubble and make meaningful contributions to our community with one of our volunteer programs!

Beyond Me

Beyond Me is a student-run non-profit organization from McGill University with a mandate to provide a fun and flexible one-on-one mentoring program for children and teenagers with special needs. Beyond Me was established in 2011, and the organization has grown rapidly since then and now works with four organizations that cater to young people with disabilities.

Beyond Me gives a student with special needs and a student volunteer from McGill the opportunity to be paired and develop a rewarding relationship. Our volunteers work closely with the family of their “buddy” in order to provide the best form of mentoring they can. This can involve tutoring, homework help, arts and crafts, language and play stimulation, developing social skills, going on fun outings around Montreal and more. We also aid in the socialization of our buddies by planning various child- and teen- friendly events (e.g. Biodome adventures, cooking event, carnival day).

If you’d like to sign up as a mentor, click our website link below and register online!

Learn more about the mandate and structure of  Beyond Me in their club constitution.

Big Buddies Tutoring Club

We are a volunteer tutoring club that places McGill students at local elementary and high schools to help struggling students in various subjects including, English, Math, French, History, and Science.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the Big Buddies Tutoring Club in their club constitution.

Borderless World Volunteers

Borderless World Volunteers is a registered Canadian charity with the mandate of empowering youths to lead development projects across the globe while contributing to the wellness of their local communities.

During the academic year, students identify grassroots organizations in developing countries in need of assistance and capacity building. Through a collaborative process, students help develop long-term, sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by the affiliated communities in which these organizations are based. Students then travel to implement these solutions in the summer, allowing for successful application of the knowledge and skills they learned.

The students’ expenses associated with these projects are financed by the charity through a multitude of fundraising events, including our annual flagship symposiums – the Global Development Forum and the International Food Festival. A portion of the charity’s proceeds also support members’ efforts in enhancing the quality of life of the homeless and underprivileged community in Montreal.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Borderless World Volunteers in their club constitution.

Change for Change SSMU

Ever heard the expression “small change leads to a big difference?” Join us today and prepare to see these words in action. Change for Change is an international network of young adults who are improving communities one set of small change at a time. Through our Chapter at McGill, college students and young professionals are raising funds for community charities through the collection of loose change and larger donations.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Change for Change SSMU in their club constitution.

McGill Children’s Health Alliance of Montreal (MCHAM)

MCHAM provides volunteering opportunities for students at several local hospitals (Children’s, General, Shriner’s, Jewish) and we fundraise for the program Lire Imagine Read at Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, which promotes child literacy in the hospital environment. All undergraduate or graduate students are encouraged to join our club by becoming a part of our executive team, four committees, or general member base. Join us and make a difference in the lives of Montreal’s patients!

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Montreal Children’s Health Alliance at McGill (MCHAM) in their club constitution.

McGill Huntington’s Awareness Students’ Association (MHASA)

The McGill Huntington’s Awareness Students’ Association (MHASA) is a group of McGill students working in partnership with the Huntington’s Society of Quebec (SHQ). Our student group has three main goals: to raise awareness about Huntington’s Disease and positive mental health, to provide opportunities for McGill students to volunteer with Huntington’s patients in the Montreal community and to fundraise for the SHQ. Throughout the school year, we host various social and educational events for our members and for all interested students. We are always looking for new members to help educate the McGill community on Huntington’s Disease and to help in fundraising for this important cause!

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Huntington’s Awareness Students’ Association (MHASA) in their club constitution.

McGill I*Create Student Club

Want to experience the clinical setting as an undergraduate? McGill I*Create Club is proud to offer you such an opportunity. We have volunteer programs at various Hospitals in Downtown Montreal, including the Montreal General Hospital, Royal Victoria Hospital, Shriner’s Hospital, Montreal Neurological Hospital, and Montreal Chest Institute. As volunteers, you will be engaged in casual conversations and crafts activities with the patients. We hold volunteer recruitment sessions at the beginning of every semester, so if you are interested, please send us an email.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of McGill I*Create Student Club in their club constitution.

McGill Students Chapter of SwimAbility Montreal

SwimAbility is a not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible one-on-one swimming instruction to children with special needs. Each instructor teaches one 30 minute lesson every Sunday morning. No formal lifeguarding or swim instruction qualifications are necessary!

McGill Students for Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an international not-for-profit that promotes opportunity for one-to-one friendships between students and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our members go through a recruitment process that includes interviews for matching with a buddy, and a police check. Members must contact their buddy at least once a week (by phone or email) and see their buddy at least every other week (for lunch, movies, baking, walks etc.) On top of this, we organize events and programs open to all students and buddies within the Montreal community to promote local engagement. These include monthly events such as a bowling outing in November, a Hanukkah party in December, and weekly programs like our Wednesday Glee Club or Sunday Computer Club.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of McGill Students for Best Buddies in their club constitution.

McGill Students for China Care

McGill Students for China Care is dedicated to providing orphans with the medical care and nurturing environment they deserve by raising funds and awareness to provide for their needs.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of McGill Students for China Care in their club constitution.

McGill Students for Enactus

Enactus McGill is a group of talented and motivated students from McGill University striving to make a difference in their community and improving the quality of life through entrepreneurial action. This organisation is composed of students representing all faculties within McGill University.

We strive to create a long-term impact on the communities and businesses that we are involved with. Whether it be by providing education to Syrian refugees, empowering young students to become entrepreneurs or empowering the homeless with their recycling business, our projects reach a diverse community both locally and nationally. Enactus McGill is proud to have recently initiated several unique entrepreneurial projects to benefit the Montreal community.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of McGill Students for Enactus in their club constitution.

McGill Students for Geriatric Health

We are a group of passionate students dedicated to increasing awareness about geriatric health on the McGill campus and in the Montreal community. We seek to connect fellow students with geriatric-related opportunities in the community so they can make a difference in the lives of the elderly.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of McGill Students for Geriatric Health in their club constitution.

McGill Students for Habitat for Humanity Montreal (MSHFHM)

Habitat for Humanity is an international non-profit organization which seeks to provide affordable housing for all. McGill’s chapter of this global initiative volunteers with Habitat affiliates all over the world, last year building houses in Ontario, Arizona, and Guatemala. In Montreal as well, our volunteers aid local shelters in distributing food and clothing. Habitat is an excellent way to explore outside the McGill bubble for a great cause, all the while meeting new people and having a blast!

Learn more about the mandate and structure of McGill Students for Habitat for Humanity Montreal (MSHFHM) in their club constitution.

McGill Students for Santropol Roulant

McGill Students for Santropol is a SSMU club established in 1995 with Santropol Roulant. The club acts as an on-campus volunteer network that introduces students to the Santropol Roulant community and the volunteer opportunities offered within their Meals-on-Wheels program to prepare and deliver meals to people living with a loss of autonomy. Through McGill Students for Santropol, students can come together and engage in student events, fundraisers, and regular volunteer shifts all under the shared values of community, sustainability, and food security.

Montreal Heart of the City Piano Program (MHCPP)

Montréal Heart of the City Piano Program (MHCPP) provides at-risk children, within the Montréal community, the opportunity to take piano lessons which may otherwise not be possible due to financial barriers. MHCPP’s goal is to expose at-risk children to a variety of musical styles and to help them develop an appreciation for music, in order to empower children to make positive lifestyle choices by increasing their self-esteem and developing discipline. Our program strives not only to provide the children with a musical appreciation and skill, but also to demonstrate to these children what they can accomplish with practice and dedication.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Montreal Heart of the City Piano Program (MHCPP) in their club constitution.

Peace by P.E.A.C.E. Montreal

Peace by PEACE Montreal is a student-run volunteer organization based out of McGill University. Our volunteers work in elementary school classrooms around Montreal and facilitate workshops on issues such as conflict resolution, inter- racial harmony, and inner power. Through games, role-play, art projects, and discussions, students are introduced to cooperative problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive environment. Our program consists of nine one-hour long workshops, each focusing on a different theme. At the end of the in-class component, all of our students celebrate their accomplishments together at our annual Peace Festival.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Peace by P.E.A.C.E. in their club constitution.

Rotaract Students’ Club

We are a non-profit organization based in downtown Montréal that strives to provide opportunities for young men and women for personal development and leadership through addressing the physical and social needs of our community.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Rotaract Students’ Club in their club constitution.

Volunteers for a Smile


“Empowering the world One Smile at a time”

The Organization’s mission statement shall be to:

– Provide patients with moral support through organizing various social events at hospitals in Montreal especially during national holidays i.e. New Year, Halloween, Easter.
– Supporting youth at foster homes, correction centres and group homes through our mentoring program.
– Organize yearly medical mission trips to developing countries to help provide free health care and medicines at rural areas.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Volunteers for a Smile in their club constitution.

Youth Outreach Program (YOP)

Youth Outreach Program (YOP)’s goal is to reach out to youth at risk and develop positive relationships while emphasizing soft literacy skills such as creativity, communication, and self-expression. As a member, you will get to plan activities for your group, develop personal relationships with the youth and the other volunteers, and most of all, be a MENTOR. We use a mailing list in order to keep in touch with our members and those interested in joining our group.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Youth Outreach Program (YOP) in their club constitution.