Health and Wellness Clubs

Health and Wellness Clubs

Health and Wellness Clubs

Interested in learning more about global health? Supporting student wellness on campus? Join a Health and Wellness club!

Comparative Healthcare Systems Program (CHSP)

The Comparative Healthcare Systems Program (CHSP) is a public & global health based student group at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Through various initiatives, like conferences, lectures and international exchange programs, we provide opportunities for students to get engaged in the study of public health and comparative healthcare. We believe that our hands-on approach to healthcare systems allows for the best understanding of how they work, and can pave the way for meaningful and substantive improvement.

Health Occupation Students of America McGill (HOSA)

HOSA McGill provides an educational and interactive learning experience for students that are interested in health care professions. We help to provide students with the means to attend a Spring-Leadership Conference in Toronto as well as an International Conference (if student qualifies). The conference allows students to get hands-on experience in the profession they are interested in such as dentistry, laboratory science, forensic medicine, and more.

McGill Students Chapter of Jack.Org

The McGill Students Chapter of is a student initiative advocating for youth mental health and well-being both on campus and in the greater Montreal community. We host various events throughout the year including Outreach initiatives as well as de-stress activities in order to initiate conversations surrounding mental health amongst the McGill community. Our goal is to increase mental health awareness and understanding amongst students and young people. We want to open up the conversation about mental health to reach not only the 1 in 5 who experience mental illness but also the 5 in 5 who have mental health.

McGill Students for Concussion Legacy Foundation

Our group works on educating and spreading awareness about concussions within the Montreal community as well as providing support for those recovering from mild traumatic brain injuries and concussions. We educate through workshops and presentations and provide support through providing resources as well as offering a support group that meets twice a week.

McGill Students for Geriatric Health

Our mission in McGill Students for Geriatric Health is to raise awareness, create a dialogue, and establish connections with volunteer organizations on the subject matter of geriatric healthcare.

McGill Students for Science-based Addiction Treatment (MSSAT)

Addiction treatment is seriously outdated – even on campus! McGill Students for Science-based Addiction Treatment (MSSAT) is a student-led initiative dedicated to this continually overlooked issue. We are concerned by the lack of resources on campus, and the unscientific nature of current (outdated) standards in addiction treatment around the globe! We have lots of exciting projects and events planned, and we’re always looking for innovative + compassionate individuals to join the cause! Our priorities include: evidence-based support groups for students with behavioural and substance addictions, curriculum changes for relevant programs (e.g. medicine, nursing, social work), and a solution-focused conference to wrap up the year!

McGill Students Supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation

We are a student organization that is dedicated in furthering the goals of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Through collaboration with the foundation, we advocate healthy living, raise awareness for heart disease, and fundraise for research. Our hope is to educate and engage the McGill student community through events such as cooking workshops, physical activity, and seminars in order to make them more knowledgeable about the importance of a healthy heart. Furthermore, we strive to lead healthy lifestyles ourselves to be able to be role models in our community. We aim to make the foundation’s vision come true: let people live healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

McGill Students’ for Parkinson’s Awareness

McGill Students for Parkinson’s Awareness’s initiative to raise awareness on campus for Parkinson’s by informing students about the nature of the disease and the current challenges that are being faced by the researchers. We raise funds for charities supporting Parkinson’s patients and their caregivers as well as biomedical research focused on finding a cure for the disease.

McGill Undergraduates for Communication Disorders Awareness

McGill Undergraduates for Communication Disorders Awareness (MUCDA) is an on-campus organization made up of undergraduate students from across disciplines, dedicated to raising awareness for individuals with communication disorders. Formed in January 2017, MUCDA is McGill University’s first club dedicated to raising awareness for this underrepresented cause.


MealCare is a group of students dedicated to reducing food waste and food insecurity across Canada. In Montreal, the McGill Chapter collects and redistributes surplus edible food to homeless shelters and soup kitchens in our local community. Through our partnerships, we are able to divert food away from the landfill and work towards a more sustainable food system.


MEDLIFE is a non-profit student organization that was established with a view towards alleviating global poverty through the distribution and promotion of Medicine, Education, and Development for Low Income Families Everywhere. With a network of over 50 chapters in universities across North America, MEDLIFE continues to grow. The McGill chapter, the first in Canada, was founded in 2010 giving Canadian students the opportunity to participate. We currently operate in Ecuador and Peru and hope to expand our reach in the near future. All 50+ chapters send several groups of students each year to areas most in need. These teams, called Service Learning Trips, work to establish a permanent MEDLIFE presence. Whether it’s building fully staffed medical clinics or schools, or the installment of absent necessities such as clean-water wells and staircases, we continue to serve a community until we feel we have done all we can. Our long-term mission is to help families achieve freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives. When not abroad, members can help at home through fundraising efforts. All donations are put towards the MEDLIFE Fund, and 100% of proceeds are used for the creation of medical clinics, schools, and other development projects specific to the needs of each community. By providing students with real-life, hands-on experience working with poor and underserved populations, we create socially conscious global citizens who realize the difference they as an individual can make. Like or contact us if you feel the call to action and want to make a permanent impact with MEDLIFE.

Student Nutrition Accessibility Club (Femmedere)

We are a SSMU club focused on bringing food and nutrition to the McGill community in a sustainable way. Through three endeavours; nutrition workshops, the Good Food Box, and our annual food conference, we aim to engage and encourage the McGill community to take part in sustainable food systems.

The McGill Pharmaceutical Career Student Network (PCSN)

The McGill Pharmaceutical Career Student Network (PCSN) is a student-run organization that facilitates interactions between key industry experts and McGill students seeking to explore and enter the pharmaceutical industry, a highly complex, competitive, and rewarding field. Through a variety of exciting and informative events, we aim to assist both undergraduate and graduate students in navigating their post-graduate career options. Ultimately, we hope that the new opportunities we create to network and connect with like-minded individuals and professionals will stimulate a strong desire to enter the pharmaceutical space.

Women’s Health Advocacy Club

The Women’s Health Advocacy Club offers a unique opportunity to discuss and advocate for issues that fall in the intersection between gender and health. We aim to raise awareness, within the McGill community and beyond, about health issues affecting woman-identifying folk through discussion-based events and more. The Women’s Health Advocacy Club runs an annual speaker series as well as bi-monthly consciousness raising groups to discuss sub-topics of our theme: women’s sexual health. Additional fundraising events and other activities are organized in relation to the theme throughout the year.