Health and Wellness Clubs

Health and Wellness Clubs

Health and Wellness Clubs

Interested in learning more about global health? Supporting student wellness on campus? Join a Health and Wellness club!

McGill Students’ Yoga Club

MSYC is a student run yoga club that hopes to introduce students to yoga and improve the accessibility of practice. We offer an affordable membership which allows students access to all our classes taught on campus throughout the school year.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Students’ Yoga Club in their club constitution.

Medical Grand Rounds for Undergraduate Students (USMGR)

We are an unique organization that hosts monthly lectures in medicine tailored specifically for undergraduate students. Guest speakers are invited from various fields of medicine who give brief talks about their profession and research. We hope to inspire students with the incredibly valuable experience and expertise of medical doctors and researchers. These talks provide students with an opportunity to explore fields that may interest them and to meet new people, and potentially even find a lab to volunteer in.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of USMGR in their club constitution.


MEDLIFE is a non-profit student organization that was established with the goal of alleviating global poverty through the distribution and promotion of Medicine, Education, and Development via mobile clinics and developmental projects. The MEDLIFE McGill Chapter operates to make a difference globally and locally through our interactive fundraising, educational, local, and abroad initiatives. With our annual 5K Run, Multicultural Coffeehouse, Yoga events, and Tutorials, we strive to give back to the student community whilst raising money for the MEDLIFE National Fund. In addition, we host MEDTalks Conferences, offer students the opportunity to participate in local projects, and lastly, provide students with the chance to go to Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania,or India to work alongside professionals on MEDLIFE Missions.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of MEDLIFE McGill in their club constitution.

Student Nutrition Accessibility Club

Student Nutrition Accessibility Club is a student-run group based out of McGill University that strives to provide both the on-campus community and underserved Montreal populations with access to education in nutrition and basic budgeting skills. By understanding local needs, we are able to provide tailored services that reduce the physical and educational barriers to health within the McGill and greater Montreal community.

The Good Food Box Program ( of McGill Downtown enables students to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at sustainable prices on campus. Check us out and get involved with our amazing deals!

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the Student Nutrition Accessibility Club in their club constitution.