Language and Publications

Language and Publications

Language and Publications

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Contemporary Review of Genocide and Political Violence

Canada is no stranger to genocide, although Canadians sometimes can be. We are a nation founded on genocide, in an era when genocide has fallen out of vogue. We continue to exist on stolen land from murdered indigenous peoples, and we continue the theft along with the murder. Canada went on to suppress other minorities (any list would oversimplify) much of which continues today. It makes us uniquely able to study the topic, to review our history, to understand today, and to prepare for tomorrow. As Heschel said “We are not all guilty, but we are all responsible.”

In this contemporary review, we hope to better comprehend the past and the present from our current standpoint. The topics are broad and can only be understood with serious analysis of its different embodiments. It’s possible that, given the constantly changing abuses, a study of genocides and political violence will never be complete. As such, we nonetheless hope to make a small contribution to a global exchange.


Counterpoint is McGill University’s first fully student-run music magazine providing music news, reviews and articles with the purpose of exposing McGill students to campus musicians and Montreal’s vibrant music scene in general. We at Counterpoint are obsessed with music and through Counterpoint, hope to rub off some of our passion onto you.

F Word

F WORD is a biannual publication featuring various kinds of original visual and written content that discusses feminism(s). We recognize the many contexts and implications of current-day feminism(s) and aim to productively expand the conversation around these feminism(s). We are a meeting place for ideas and thoughts. F WORD aims to be a resource through which contributors and readers can share ideas, build community, foster empowerment and create connections across varying dimensions of difference.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of F Word in their in their club constitution.

Folio Magazine

Folio magazine is a student run visual art and design magazine that acts as an ongoing archive of McGill’s artistic community by providing a venue for student artists to showcase their work. All forms of visual art submissions are welcome, and accepted submissions will be published in a zine and showcased a launch party organized by the Folio exec team.

We always welcome new members onto our curation team. Contact us through our social media to become involved, and help us promote creativity on campus.

McGill Business Review

The McGill Business Review was founded in 2015 and is the first periodical at McGill University to be devoted solely to the publication of articles focusing on the global business community. The MSBR, an exclusively online journal, serves as an outlet for students to express their varied views and opinions on a range of business topics, including: economics, entrepreneurship, finance, investing, innovation and government policy. Composed of a team of over 60 undergraduate student editors, writers and executives that each play an integral role individually in the production and publication process, the McGill Business Review is driven to produce excellent content and curate articles for a multifarious scholastic and professional audience.

Organisation de la Francophonie à McGill

L’Organisation de la Francophonie à McGill (OFM) fédère l’ensemble des communautés francophones de l’Université McGill.

À tous les ans, l’OFM initie différents événements socio-culturels, rencontres, sorties culturelles, groupes de discussion et plus encore !

L’OFM s’assure aussi que les étudiants francophones soient représentés adéquatement auprès de l’administration.

Nous avons également pour mandat de permettre aux étudiants internationaux de découvrir la francophonie et de faciliter leur apprentissage du français. L’OFM accompagne donc les nouveaux étudiants de McGill, francophones ou non, afin de faciliter leur intégration et de contribuer au succès de leur expérience étudiante à Montréal.

En fait, une part substantielle des élèves de l’université McGill est francophone, puisqu’on y accueille des étudiants québé et canadien.nes, mais également belges,, caribé, nord-africain.e.s, suisses., franç,, vietnamien.nes et de partout à travers la Francophonie !