Language and Publications

Language and Publications

Language and Publications

Interested in writing and showing off your editorial skills or learning a new language? Join our clubs.


Counterpoint is McGill University’s first student-run music magazine, bringing you music news, reviews and articles with the purpose of exposing McGill students to campus musicians and Montreal’s vibrant music scene. Here at Counterpoint, we are kind of obsessed with music and through our publication, hope to rub off some of our passion on you.

Learn more about Counterpoint’s mandate and structure in their club constitution.

F Word

F WORD est une publication semestrielle mettant en vedette une vaste gamme de contenu visuel et rédactionnel original traitant du(/des) féminisme(s). Nous reconnaissons les nombreux contextes et implications rattachés au(x) féminisme(s) de nos jours et visons à étendre la conversation entourant ce(s) féminisme(s) de manière productive. Nous servons de lieu de rencontre pour les idées et les réflexions. F WORD s’efforce d’être une ressource à travers laquelle les contributeurs et les lecteurs peuvent partager leurs idées, fonder une communauté, promouvoir l’autonomisation et tisser des liens au-delà de diverses dimensions de différences.

Renseignez-vous davantage au sujet du mandat et de la structure de F Word en consultant leur constitution.

Folio Magazine

Folio is curated by a rotating panel of McGill students. Before review, the submissions are made anonymous to promote fairness. About a dozen artists are published in each issue and each contributor is given between two and four pages for their work.

The magazine is coordinated by a nonhierarchical staff of McGill undergraduate students. New contributors and members are always welcome.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of Folio Magazine in their club constitution.

McGill Students’ Business Review

The McGill Students Business Review was founded in 2015 and is the first periodical at McGill University to be devoted solely to the publication of articles focusing on the global business community. The MSBR, an online and print journal, serves as an outlet for students to express their varied views and opinions on a range of business topics, including: economics, entrepreneurship, finance, investing, innovation and government policy. Composed of a team of undergraduate student editors, writers and executives that each play an integral role individually in the production and publication process, the MSBR is driven to produce excellent content and curate articles for a multifarious scholastic and professional audience.

Learn more about the mandate and structure of the McGill Students’ Business Review in their club constitution.