Language and Publications

Language and Publications

Language and Publications

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Contemporary Review of Genocide and Political Violence

Canada is no stranger to genocide, although Canadians sometimes can be. We are a nation founded on genocide. We continue to exist on stolen land from murdered indigenous peoples, and we continue the theft along with the murder. Canada went on to suppress other minorities (any list would oversimplify) much of which continues today. This reality necessitates that we study the topic, review our history, to attempt understand today, and to prepare for tomorrow. As Heschel said “We are not all guilty, but we are all responsible.” In this contemporary review, we hope to better comprehend the past and the present from our current standpoint. The topics are broad and can only be understood with serious analysis of its different embodiments. It is possible that, given the constantly changing abuses, a study of genocides and political violence will never be complete. As such, we nonetheless hope to make a small contribution to a global exchange.


Counterpoint is McGill’s leading student run music magazine. Covering everything from local artists and shows to some of the biggest music releases of the year, we are committed to keeping all music lovers at McGill up to date and in the know on all the exciting moments in the wide world of music.

Folio Magazine

Folio is a student-run visual art and design magazine that acts as an ongoing archive of McGill’s artistic community by providing a venue for student artists to showcase their work. It is published biannually.

Sign Language

A group for anyone who knows, is learning, or is interested in learning sign language.