Getting Involved Info session

Getting Involved Info session

About the event

Are you looking for ways to improve your experience this semester AND feel connected to fellow students?

Try our new Getting Involved Info Session, an initiative from Campus Life & Engagement! Specifically designed to help first-year students find involvement opportunities and connect with other students outside of classes! (upper-year students welcome too)

This academic year has been challenging and isolating – add a little more time to connect with fellow students & enjoy a hobby, workshop, cause, etc. Even a boost for helping you find new friends! Also can help you find resources for achieving your academic and/or career goals.

Our great student staff (a.k.a. involvement experts) can also be reached by email, by online appointment or interactive info sessions like this

Countless senior students at McGill consistently recommend to new students that they get involved as it proves to be one of the most beneficial easy things to do, & can significantly enhance their academic experiences.

Getting Involved Info session

Date and time

February 8th, 2021


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