The Eating Disorder Centre of SSMU (EDCSSMU)

The Eating Disorder Centre of SSMU (EDCSSMU)


After the McGill Eating Disorder Program was fully defunded in 2017, students began advocating for eating disorder support services that were now lacking on campus. In 2019, the SSMU VP (Student Life) Cody Esterle ran the first SSMU Eating Disorder Awareness Week and started regularly meeting with other invested students. As a response to the lack of resources and conversations around eating disorders and disordered eating on campus, VP Esterle and Paloma Hepler, along with several other students instrumental to the creation of the program, led a plan for the SSMU to start building much-needed support services.

This effort eventually grew into a resource centre to hold peer-support programs, raise awareness, and do advocacy work – the SSMU Eating Disorder Resource and Support Centre.

In March 2020, the SSMU Eating Disorder Resource and Support Centre officially became a fee-funded SSMU Service.

Today, the Eating Disorder Centre of SSMU (previously, the SSMU Eating Disorder Centre, and Safely Connected McGill) continues to provide peer support to individuals struggling with disordered eating. The Centre also hosts events,  social media campaigns, and trainings for external organizations  to spread awareness regarding disordered eating to members of the McGill community.


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Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about eating disorders and disordered eating, or the services available, and want to know more.


Our services are run by students, for students. Our student volunteers have received training in active listening, peer mental health support, eating disorders and disordered eating, and anti-oppressive practices. Please note that these services do not substitute for support from licensed professionals and do not constitute therapeutic or psychological care. Below you’ll find details about each resource and exactly what you can expect from them.

These services are available to anyone – you do not have to be a McGill student to access them. Whether you have had any type of professional diagnosis, have any idea on how to label your current or past relationship with food, or would just like to ask questions and learn more about eating disorders and disordered eating, our resources are available. Take a look through the details below and reach out to us anytime.


The Eating Disorder Centre of SSMU uses Mentorcity, a virtual messaging platform for individuals interested in having a private space to talk to support volunteers who are trained in harm reduction, active listening, and other trauma-informed, anti-oppressive care practices.

Our volunteers provide non-directional, non-judgmental, and inclusive support through online messages. This service is free of charge, and does not require any kind of diagnosis. It is open to anyone who wishes to privately discuss experiences with disordered eating, body image issues, and/or eating disorders, but is not limited to these topics.

☆ Each user is matched with two trained volunteers.

☆ Volunteers respond within 72 hours.

☆ Support is virtual, long-term, and confidential.