Lost & Found

Lost & Found

The SSMU Security Department is responsible for all items turned into Lost and Found of the SSMU building (University Centre).

Lost & Found

Our Lost and Found is located on the first floor of the Brown Building, 3600 McTavish in the SSMU General Office, Suite 1200.

If you lost an item outside of the University Centre (SSMU), please contact the building manager of the building you lost the item in or McGill’s Lost and Found. Items turned into Lost and Found should be those items from our building and not from the campus at large.  For items found on campus please take them to McGill Security Lost and Found.

The University Centre (SSMU) will not accept or process soiled or damp clothing/materials, water bottles, mugs, dishes, food containers or items that are prohibited by those entities operating with an alcohol permit. All other items that we accept are tagged and entered into our database. If your name, student number, or telephone number is anywhere on the item we will contact you by phone or email.

Lost something? Don’t panic!

For those that have lost an item within the University Centre (SSMU) please read below:

  1. Take a quick minute to thoroughly check your belongings. Be sure that the item is not hiding in your purse, bag, pockets or with other personal effects;
  2. Retrace your steps!! It is always a good idea to check areas you frequented before you noticed your item(s) were missing;
  3. Often the last place you remember having the item(s) like classrooms, lab areas, restaurant area, study space, or even the restroom, can still have your item or a person with information towards tracking down your item(s);
  4. Don’t forget to talk to professors, TA’s or staff who may have seen your item(s);

If you still can’t find your item then do the following:

  1. Contact the SSMU security at wsealy@ssmu.ca;
  2. For items that you feel may have been stolen, been subject to mischief or simply lost that you could not find, contact the Montreal Police Department to file a police report;
  3. In the event your lost item was a wallet or other item containing credit or debit cards, it is highly suggested you cancel your cards;

If we do not have your item when you first check in with us please wait a few days and check back with us again. Items often come to our office via you the students or our tenants which can take some time.

Found something? Don’t hesitate!

If you find something in the University Centre, please be a good citizen and turn the item you find in to us. You can do so at the following locations:

  1. Bring the item to the SSMU General office reception area located in room 1200 of the Brown Building from 9 AM to 5 PM;
  2. Gert’s Bar on the ground floor (S1 floor) of the University Centre from 5 PM to closure; or
  3. Items can also be turned in to our Porter’s office (S2 floor) of the University Centre;

To claim an item

In order to claim an item, please follow these instructions:

  1. Email us at wsealy@ssmu.ca;
  2. Accurately describe the item(s) in your email;
  3. Should we have your item(s) then we will organize an appointment time with you for pick up.  Please come with government issued picture identification upon claiming; and (for students and staff) your McGill ID card;

Items turned into the Lost and Found will be kept for 90 days. At the end of the 90 day period, all unclaimed property will be dealt with in accordance to the established procedures listed below:

  1. Unclaimed textbooks will be resold on the SSMU Marketplace and money will be donated to MADD Canada;
  2. Textbooks that do not sell on the SSMU Market Place after an indiscriminate amount of time will be donated to charity;
  3. Miscellaneous items that are unclaimed will be dealt with by means of a donation to nonprofit agencies which include, but are not limited to, The Salvation Army, Sun Youth and The Old Brewery Mission;


If you follow these steps with regard to your belongings, the chance of finding your lost item(s) and getting them back is greatly enhanced:

  1. Write your name on books, notebooks, binders, everything you can. It helps us contact you;
  2. Respond to emails sent to you by us promptly so that we can arrange a pickup.  If you cannot pick up your item in the allotted time we can make alternate arrangements for you;
  3. Have important items like laptops, phones, iPods, bikes, etc. engraved. McGill Campus Security offers a service for electronic devices such as laptops via their S.T.O.P. service;
  4. Don’t forget to use the Find my iPhone or Find My Device feature offered on a range of Apple and Android products;