Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors supervises the management and administers the business and affairs of the Students’ Society of McGill University. It is composed of 12 voting Directors.

Board of Directors Resolution Book (Updated as of 2018-07-17)



President – Tre Mansdoerfer
VP Internal – Matthew McLaughlin
VP Finance – Jun Wang
Council Rep – Viv Campbell
Council Rep – Mana Moshk
Council Rep – Kevin Zhou
Member-at-Large – Alexander Scheffel
Member-at-Large – Madeleine Kausel
Member-at-Large – Noah Lew
Member-at-Large – Jessica Rau
Member-at-Large – Kyle Rubenok

Board Documents – 2018-19

Minutes – Board of Directors 2018-07-17 APPROVED
Minutes – Board of Directors 2018-06-26 APPROVED
Minutes – Board of Directors 2018-06-11 APPROVED