Previous Years’ General Assembly Documents

Previous Years’ General Assembly Documents


Agenda-General Assembly (Winter 2024) 2024-02-05-Approved at Consultative Forum
Ordre du Jour-Assemblée Générale Hiver 2024-02-05-Approuvé au forum consultatif
Standing Rules for the Winter 2024 General Assembly 2024-02-05-Approved at Consultative Forum
Les règlements de l’Assemblée générale d’hiver 2024 2024-02-05-Approuvés au forum consultatif
GA Report-VP Finance (Winter 2024) 2024-02-05
GA Report-Board of Directors-Winter 2024
GA Report-President-Winter 2024
GA Report-VP Operations and Sustainability-Winter 2024
GA Report-VP Internal Affairs-Winter 2024
GA Report-VP Student Life-Winter 2024
GA Report-VP University Affairs-Winter 2024LR
GA Report-VP External Affairs-Winter 2024

FALL 2023

Ordre du Jour-Assemblée Générale Automne 2023-10-02-Approuvé au forum consultatif
Agenda-General Assembly (Fall 2023) 2023-10-02-Approved at Consultative Forum
Les règlements de l’Assemblée générale d’automne 2023-10-02 – Approuvés au forum consultatif
Standing Rules for the Fall 2023 General Assembly 2023-10-02 – Approved at Consultative Forum
President Report Fall GA 2023
GA Report-VP University Affairs-Fall 2023
GA Report-VP Student Life-Fall 2023
GA Report-VP Internal Affairs-Fall 2023
GA Report-President-Fall 2023
GA Report-VP Sustainability and Operations-Fall 2023
GA Report-VP External Affairs-Fall 2023
Minutes-General Assembly-Fall 2023-For Approval 2023-10-02

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