Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

Pita Pit

Pita Pit serves grilled pitas for meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans and gluten avoiders. We also serve salads, drinks, snacks and smoothies.

We’re just steps away from the New Residence Hall and a short walk from the Athletics and Recreation building. You can dine in, take out or order through your favourite delivery service. Our hours are student friendly: We open early and close late. We also accept McGill oneCard purchases.

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And try our McGill student special: a small breakfast pita and coffee for $5.99. Ask for the “Dej Express.”

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Evive offers healthy smoothies that can easily be prepared in 30 seconds! Made from fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and plant-based protein, they’re certified organic, vegan, without any added sugar. Our frozen smoothie cube concept is unique since it allows customers to prepare a complete smoothie without a blender. Our 13 flavours are available for purchase online and in grocery stores all throughout Canada. Order now and get $15 off your first order with the code McGill15!