Judicial Board

Judicial Board

The Judicial Board consists of seven students, predominantly from the Faculty of Law, and has responsibilities as outlined in Article 30 of the SSMU Constitution. The Judicial Board can be contacted at jboard@ssmu.ca

The Judicial Board

Chief Justice – Patrick O’Donnell
Justice – Charles Choi
Justice – David How
Justice – Nikita Tafazoli
Justice – Neelesh Thakur
Justice – Catherine Laperrière
Justice – Marie-Perle Ngivula Nkosi

If you are interested in filing a petition with the Judicial Board, or simply want to understand how the Judicial Board functions, please consult the SSMU Judicial Board Internal Procedures. Students are encouraged to contact the Legal Information Clinic at McGill for assistance in relation to Judicial Board cases.

Please click here for the P-1 Form (Petition for Hearing).
Please click here for the R-1 Form (Position of Respondent).
Please click here for the I-1 Form (Application for Intervention).


Final Judgment – EdUS 2020-06-15
Preliminary Decision – EdUS 2020-06-04
Final Judgment – Kohn v SUS 2020-05-19
Interim Order – EdUS 2020-02-21
Judgement – Buraga v Mansdoerfer and Wang 2018-12-02
Reference re Legality of the BDS Motion and Similar Motions
Judicial Board – Final Judgement Glustein v Koparkar 2017-12-31
Interim Order – Glustein v Koparkar 2017-10-28
Judicial Board – Khan v Elections SSMU 2014-04-29
Judicial Board – Newburgh and Steven vs Tacoma 2012-02-14