How to Start a Service

How to Start a Service

What Is a SSMU Service?

A SSMU Service is a student-run group, officially recognized and managed by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU). They provide a wide range of services and resources to the entire McGill student body.

Benefits to Being a SSMU Service

As a SSMU Service you are eligible to apply for the following resources:

  • operations space
  • funding
  • insurance coverage
  • SSMU email addresses
  • a SSMU domain for your website
  • website support
  • mailboxes
  • room booking privileges
  • sponsorship support
  • event-planning support

Selection Criteria

The process for becoming a Service is more work-intensive than the process of becoming a Club, as Services are expected to provide resources, services, and advocacy to the entire student population as opposed to just their members. For this reason, financial and institutional sustainability as well as their benefit to students on a long term basis are weighed in the review process for a group seeking Service Status.

Because these groups need to demonstrate their viability over the long term, groups that are interested in becoming Services of the SSMU are first required to be a Full-Status Club.

There are a number of requirements a student group must meet before they can be considered to become a SSMU Service:

  • Their mandate must provide a unique service not currently provided by the Society.
  • It must provide resources and/or support to members.
  • Resources and/or support must be available free of charge to members.
  • It must show financial sustainability in supporting its activities.

Services Application

The SSMU Service application process is as follows:

  • Get in touch with the Vice-President (Student Life) to provide a proposal for why your group should be considered for SSMU Service Status. This proposal should include information about:
    • the long-term sustainability of your proposed Service
    • why your group believes it should be granted SSMU Service Status
    • the programming and operations of your proposed Service
    • a proposed Service Constitution
    • the annual budget for your proposed Service
  • The Services Review Committee will review the proposal.
  • If your group is considered a viable candidate to become a SSMU Service, the proposal will go to the SSMU Legislative Council and the SSMU Board of Directors for evaluation based on the criteria outlined in the Internal Regulations of Student Groups.