Increasing Your Visibility

Increasing Your Visibility

Clubs have a variety of available resources to help them grow their member base.Note: For insurance purposes, all Clubs that hold events or activities are required to inform the SSMU of said events or activities prior to commencement, and before advertising on social media and/or other platforms. Please visit the Maintaining Status page of this website to learn more about these procedures.Make sure that you include the note below in all your Club communications; this includes, but is not limited to, your Club website, social media (FB, twitter, instagram), and printing material (banners, posters, flyers): “A Student Group of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)”.

Increasing Your Visibility:

Activities Night Registration

Activities Night, taking place during the first week of school in September and the second week of January, is one of the SSMU’s largest events. At Activities Night, students of all years look to get involved on campus and find new passions and interests. It’s the place where nearly all of the 250+ student groups affiliated with the SSMU, as well as many external groups, gather under one roof!

Activities Night is an excellent opportunity for Clubs to showcase what they do and engage with students interested in joining their group.

When registration for Activities Night becomes available, the form will be sent out through the Clubs Listserv with all the logistics of the event. 

For questions about Activities Night, please contact the Vice-President (Student Life) at

Social Media

One of the most popular and powerful resources you have at your fingertips is your Club’s social media channels. They are free and can be used to reach current and potential members of your Club. Don’t hesitate to tag the SSMU Club and Services Facebook page to help share your event!

Listserv Submissions

The SSMU Listserv, sent out on a weekly basis, reaches nearly all undergraduate students at McGill. You can submit an event to be placed on the listserv by visiting the Listserv page.

SSMU Calendar

Share your student group event on the SSMU Campus Calendar! The SSMU Calendar compiles all of the activities on and around campus.

To submit your event, please fill out the following form.

Clubs Listing

The SSMU hosts a Clubs Listing on the SSMU website that includes all currently registered SSMU Clubs, allowing students interested in getting involved to see what groups are currently active. 

The Club blurb and links to your contact information comes from the information submitted by each Club in the Student Group Information Form, so groups who do not complete this form will not be included in the listing.

If you have already submitted a Student Group Information Form and want to update the content on your listing without resubmitting the entire form, please contact the Communications Coordinator at with the new blurb and social media links.

Display Screens

If you’d like to put up content on campus screen, visit the following link.


It’s important to consider these points when you prepare a promotional campaign for an event:

  • Do not poster off campus.
  • All posters for a Club or Service event must include both the name of your Club as well as recognition that your Club is “a student group of the Students’ Society of McGill University”
  • By law, posters cannot advertise alcohol or the prices of alcohol. To advertise for an event that may include a complementary alcoholic drink with the ticket price, you are required to advertise a free “beverage” with the ticket, instead of identifying the free drink as an alcoholic one.
Postering at the University Centre

Clubs that want to advertise in the University Centre are able to do so through postering, so long as the posters are stamped and approved by the SSMU before being placed in the building. If your poster does not bear an approval stamp from the SSMU, the poster will be taken down. Drop your poster for approval at the SSMU Office.

You cannot hang posters for any commercial group external to McGill in the University Centre, including a commercial group that may be sponsoring your Club.

Postering on McGill Campus

SSMU Clubs wanting to poster in other buildings will need to follow the rules and regulations set out by each individual building. Please contact the building directly. Check out the McGill website for all on-campus postering.

Postering outside McGill Campus

Clubs cannot place flyers or posters on property owned by the City of Montreal, which includes telephone poles and street signs. Postering on city property could result in fines or legal action being taken against your Club!

Check out our postering pamphlet for more locations and detailed info!


If you are a SSMU Club you are allotted eight subsidized hours a week for kiosk and table reservations. 

Please note that this is independent from your subsidized room booking hours. If you have reached your hours for the week, tables and the kiosk can be reserved at an hourly cost with a 50% discount.

Check out our tabling pamphlet for more details!

We do our best to ensure the site is as up to date as possible, but new developments in Club processes may take time to go live. Please take note that the information listed above may not reflect the most recent changes.