Links and Forms

Links and Forms


The Vice-President (Student Life) is responsible for the coordination of Activities Night, the allocation of Club resources, and overall Club policy.

The Club Administrative Officer is responsible for the day-to-day administration of SSMU Clubs. Contact for inquiries about bank accounts, Signing Officers, and Club forms, or general questions about Club administration and management.

The Clubs and Services Coordinator is responsible for the Club workshops and Services summit, investigations, and aspects of the Club audit. The Clubs and Services Coordinator is also responsible for archiving and maintaining Club records.  You can also reach out to them for general questions on Clubs and Services.

The SSMU’s front desk staff can assist Clubs with general inquiries about the SSMU, provide assistance booking rooms in the University Centre, provide approval to poster in the building, or grant Clubs a mailbox. The front desk staff can be reached at (514) 398-6800 and are available in the SSMU office from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. on weekdays.

The Events Administrator manages the SSMU Room Booking System (EMS). All the bookings are done by the system, but in case you encounter a problem, you can contact them by email. 

The Communications Manager can be reached for inquiries regarding website creation/design as well as requests for graphic design assistance. 

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for promoting events and announcements from groups on the SSMU listserv, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages as well as updating information about each SSMU student group on the website.

The Funding Coordinator is responsible for collecting funding applications from Clubs and managing the disbursement of funds to student groups. Contact for inquiries about the application process or about one of the many funds available to Clubs.

The Vice-President (Finance) is responsible for overseeing club banking and fiscal matters, as well as the overall financial affairs of the SSMU. Contact for inquiries about your club bank account or general finance.

The Club Finance Assistant is responsible for aiding with club banking and fiscal matters. Contact for inquiries about your club finances.

Valentina oversees the Club Audit with the help of the Clubs and Services Coordinator. Contact for inquiries about the Club Audit.

The two Club Representatives represent all SSMU Clubs and their interests to the SSMU Legislative Council. |

The SSMU’s Building Director handles security for Club events, the lost and found, after-hours access to the University Centre, and events involving alcohol in the building.

The SSMU’s Operations Director handles food, beverage, events, and sponsorship of the SSMU.

The Systems Administrator can be contacted if you have any issues with your SSMU email address.

We do our best to ensure the site is as up to date as possible, but new developments in Club processes may take time to go live. Please take note that the information listed above may not reflect the most recent changes.