Service Email

All Services are granted a email address. This is the email address that the SSMU will keep on file for your Service and use to contact you for all communications. This includes, but is not limited to, communications regarding:

  • general SSMU notices
  • funding applications
  • Activities Night tabler registration
  • workshops and audit information
  • Services Listserv
  • room booking reservations
  • bank account transactions
  • SSMU forms

Tip: Keeping all important information and documents in your Service email / G Suite space will ensure that all of your executives have access to the Service’s information with every year of executive turnover.

Once you receive a email address, please:

  • Transmit the account’s credentials to the necessary Service executives
  • Keep your credentials safe

It is your responsibility to check your email address on a regular basis. Missed communications will have a detrimental impact on your group’s operations.

If you prefer your SSMU email to be redirected to another email address:

  1. Login to your SSMU Gmail account.
  2. Click the gear icon near the top right and choose “Settings”.
  3. Click the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” and choose “Add Forwarding Address”.
  4. Add the address you would like your email account to be forwarded to.

Services Listserv

The Vice-President (Student Life) sends important updates regarding events, administrative tasks, and announcements via the Services Listserv.

All SSMU Services receive the listserv via their email addresses. However, if you would like to subscribe with an additional email address, please fill out the following form.

Note: Due to the high rate of Service executive turnover, our mailing list is recreated each academic year. If you would like to continue receiving the listserv at an additional email address (besides the email addresses), you will need to manually subscribe each year via the form linked above.

Clubs and Services Facebook Page

Make sure to follow the SSMU Clubs and Services Facebook page to stay tuned regarding important updates for your Service! 

University Centre Room Booking

One of the many benefits of being a SSMU Service is having access to room and table bookings in the University Centre for events, meetings, parties, rehearsals, and other initiatives.

As a SSMU Service, you will have up to 15 hours per week of free room booking in the building.

For more information about organizing events and booking spaces, please visit the Organizing Events page of the website.

Service Webspace

Part of advertising and promoting your Service means building an online presence, through both active social media accounts and having an accessible website. Services who are interested in creating a web presence can request assistance in building a site, having their site hosted on the SSMU server, and even having a SSMU subdomain if they wish (which will look something like For any of these requests, student groups are required to fill out the Student Group Website Request Form.

If your Service needs assistance with the development of their website, please contact the Clubs Website Designer at to schedule a meeting.

Please note that all Service websites must identify the Service as “a student group of the Students’ Society of McGill University.”

Service Mailbox

If mail needs to be delivered to your Service, please direct any letters or parcels to:

Name of the Service _____

Students’ Society of McGill University

3600 rue McTavish, Suite 1200

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

H3A 0G3

When Services have a package sent to their mailbox, it will be accepted by the SSMU front desk and the Service will receive a notice via email to pick up the package. Only an executive member recognized in the Executive Contact Sheet is eligible to pick up a package on behalf of the Service.

Assistance with Events

Should you require assistance with creating your event, we have various preferred venues, caterers, and bars that would be happy to offer you their services and collaborate! Please submit all inquiries to the Events Administrator (


Student groups may ask the SSMU Operations Department for assistance in finding sponsors and creating a sponsorship package.

Remember that SSMU Services are not permitted to sign contracts on behalf of themselves as they are not considered independent legal entities. For more information, you can check the External Sponsorship Guide, visit the Finance and Funding page, or contact the Operations Department at

We do our best to ensure the site is as up to date as possible, but new developments in Service processes may take time to go live. Please take note that the information listed above may not reflect the most recent changes.